Lynn United for Change is a volunteer-based community organization made up of Lynn residents.

We are dedicated to fighting back against unjust evictions and foreclosures. We are not a business, and we do not charge for the information, support, and solidarity we provide.

Information about the Lynn United for Change Empowerment Project can be found on this separate page.

We don't want to see any more vacant homes or displaced families in our city. Foreclosures and evictions affect all of us; we aren't going to sit by and watch the big banks continue to damage our city and harm Lynn residents by carrying out foreclosures and evictions that could be avoided.

The big banks bear the greatest responsibility for creating the housing bubble and the economic collapse... yet it is poor, working, and middle class families paying the price for these problems. We are determined to help our neighbors join together and stand up against foreclosure and eviction.

Please contact us if you have any questions. If you are having trouble with your own mortgage or face foreclosure or eviction, please come to a meeting, call, or send an email to find out more. You are not alone!

What do we do when the banks attack? Stand up, fight back! And when we fight back, we win.

See the photos section for some examples of what we do.